Complexity & simplicity

Cell formation – structural

layers – compression – frustration – spaces = light – shadow – shapes – growth – unclear – complex – simplicity 

Generation XYZ – Music Video

Generation xyz

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Two minute video collage

These videos are created from the photos and videos that was taken during the walk with Eddie in Oxford. Each one of us was asked to choose our favorite place In Oxford and explore the same with the zone during the walk.


This video is a collage of photographs that was taken during the walk. it is an attempt to capture all the events that took place on the same day and illustrate it adapting a similar concept of a lucid dream.

Script : Krishna Salim

Voice : Mathew Ashley


This is an attempt to combine all the videos to create something unique and meaningful.The is edited to a similar way a person would blink in a given time frame of 2 minute. I recorded one of my friend’s video for 2 minutes just to capture the number of time she would blink and also then intervals and the used the same time frame to create the blink effect in the video.

Sound Track : Inception 

Blink : Roxanne Lamprini Rousseas


30 second drawing experiment

The thirty second drawing experiment. Each one of us in the studio had to suggest a list of 5 drawings titles
(eg: Architecture Surprise, Most Uncomfortable, Threshold, Connection etc) that we would like everyone else to draw. We were allowed to use any medium to explore in order to bring our ideas to life.