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My Story

I am a Civil Engineer purely by choice. I believe Engineering is the use of scientific principles to design and hence have used logic and reason in everything that exists around me.    

My childhood is filled with memories of being around construction sites and offices. I have been to almost all the sites my father has worked on and this has indirectly contributed to my keen interest in this field. Even before graduating I was very familiar with the atmosphere of a site and nothing gives me more pleasure than finishing a project in the best possible way and handing it over to my clients. 

I have worked in Dubai for around 7 years in one of the prestigious consultancy companies, The Atkins Consultancy. My role as a project engineer has helped me develop a wide knowledge in this field and has given me the confidence to lead a project assuring the safety and quality of work.

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All it takes is one idea to change the way you see the world. Travel more, meet new people and surround yourself with young thoughtful minds.  

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