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My Story

I believe passion is the key to success. I had the opportunity in my 35 years of experience as a Civil Engineer to put my heart and soul into all my challenging projects. Despite having my share of ups and downs throughout my career it ultimately narrows down to how much we contribute to society. 

Having worked in India and the Middle East has been crucial in developing new ideas and methodologies. Even after retirement in my field of work, I thrive to use my knowledge and experience in this business. Being Civil Engineer we creatively envision the progress of our tomorrow.

I have experience working in different scales of projects ranging from residential to high-rise structures and also an array of clients from local to high profile. My experience in this field is very vast which has given me the confidence and technical skills to help make a difference in the world as an Engineer – to structure and communicate ideas.

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I believe Engineering is quite different from science. We try to understand nature but at the same time we also try to make things that do not exist in nature. Engineers stress invention which leads to discovery. 

Design is Everything